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Hello, thanks for stopping by.

Let me introduce you to our Raising Creatively 'family'...


I am Lucy, 45 years old and the creator of Raising Creatively.

I'm mum to 2 children, Phoebe 14 and Jake 8. Who are both my greatest fans and my harshest critics! I'm also 'mum' to our (slightly bonkers!) cockapoo puppy Milo. I'm the creative half of the partnership and love coming up with lots of our super cool ideas.

Then there's James, my long-suffering other half...and the technical guru behind the business, who takes my often slightly leftfield ' I've been thinking' moments and makes them a reality. (he also has the patience of a!)

I hope you enjoy your visit today....I'm so excited to see all your amazing drawings and get to work sprinkling a little bit of our RC magic onto them...I literally can't wait!


So that's us, and we look forward to getting to know all of you.


Much Love,


Lucy xxx





United Kingdom

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